tonight i did something i never thought i’d do.

tonight i stood in front of a crowd in the middle of my little town and performed with our high school band’s color guard. i marched down the streets like i’d watched the band members do so many times, feeling all the tradition this group has. i stared into the rainbow sunset and smiled as i swung my flag, danced, and sang.

two years ago, i stood on the exact same field, smiled into the exact same sun and listened to beautiful music. that night i watched you perform. that was the night i made a new friend.

something tells me God let you paint the sunset over a little town in north carolina tonight. i think that you were watching me, smiling, proud of me, happy i did what i thought i couldn’t do.

while i was standing there, smiling, my shoulders back my face to the sky, there was one word that stayed in my mind while music filled my town:


because it’s beautiful. the times we had, the memories i have, the songs we sang, the beauty i saw and still see.

it’ll never leave and it’ll always be beautiful, beautiful.

i don’t really understand it all. all that happened, all that will happen. what comes next, how i feel. but i have something hold onto no matter what.

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